Soft Summer Hair Color

This color mix will complement your gentle and softly blended natural coloring which has a medium to low contrast between your features. If you are a Soft Summer you most likely have the following characteristics.

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The summer colors are cool with powdered and less intense hues.

Soft summer hair color. A digital colour palette containing over 60 colours plus metals for the colour season Soft Summer. Jun 17 2018 – A range of hair colours that are harmonious with the Soft Summer tone. Hair colors for soft summers are usually medium-rich brown ash brown or mousy blond.

Ash blonde dark ash blonde medium brown mousy grey Skin. Soft teal grey green blue grey soft hazel. Keep in mind that some hair colours may require bleaching of the natural hair down to near white in order to achieve these effects.

Ivory and beige skin tones are commonly cited as soft summers skin tones but many women with darker caramel skin are also soft summers when their skin tone is neutral. If you are a soft summer you are almost the opposite of a light summer when it comes to hair color. I have seen natural Soft Summer hair colours from pale blonde to dark ash brown and all the increments in between.

SUMMER is a glorious mix of 3 color characteristics – its always MUTED always LIGHT and always COOL. SNOW FROST WINTER Winter mixed with Summer Hair color will likely be light medium or dark neutral or ash brown possible red highlights. Soft cool purples complete the palette.

Yellows must be very cool like corn and chiffon. When exposed to the sun it can develop ash blonde highlights. The name Soft Summer can be a little misleading as it seems that it ought to be similar to Light Summer but actually it tends towards the Autumn end of the Summer palette which lends it some depth of colour and warmth although all Summer colours are still very definitely cool toned soft Summer colours are less cool than others.

The colour palette also includes harmonious sample colour combinations for your outfits. Its usually easier for a soft summer to dye their hair red than a cool summer. Because of the high concentration of grey pigments Soft Summer hair is always muted and ashy never saturated and bright.

Eye colors for soft summers tend to be hazy teal gray green blue soft haze or brown. Blues can span the spectrum and soft summer can wear any variation of purple-blue to green-blue. The hair is always a bit darker but still ashy and can have hints of red.

Champagne diamonds have a high value brownish tone and are a stunning way to connect with the palettes hint of warmth. Charcoal most shades of grey navy cadet blue raspberry wine antique violet bordeaux steel blue. With just a hint of warmth soft summers can have neutral neutral-cool or olive skin and deep blue green or gray-hazel eyes.

All colours are colour-matched to the Pantone Fashion Home Interiors FHI Standard and are tagged as neutrals complementary accent colours and metals. See more ideas about hair hair styles long hair styles. 170 Soft summer hair ideas in 2021 hair long hair styles hair styles.

Your natural coloring is primarily soft and that means low contrast rich combinations of dark blonde and beige hair ivory skin and eyes that are muted blue grey or a very soft hazel. Hair in this colour season ranges from medium ash blonde over light to medium ash brown. Ruby and soft red are perfect red tones and since soft summer is cool there is no orange in the palette.

The most likely to highlight which is not recommended unless caramel brown. Soft Summers can range from white rose and silver into darker greys but avoid peach cream or yellow versions. INDIAN SUMMER Summer Autumn aka Soft Summer light red or copper ash or sandy blonde hair medium to dark ash cool brown perhaps with red highlights SPECIFIC TO CMAS.

Often feels their hair is mousy. Soft summers best colors are sea green teal rose brown soft navy and rose gold. The Smokey Soft Summer needs to wear rich cool colors that are muted.

While all of the colors are SOFTMUTED some almost sultry and sensuous the Light and Cool are also needed. Some soft summers have darker brunette hair and fall within the Shaded Summer category in the 44 seasonal color analysis system or told to wear the lighter side of the Dark Winter palette. Medium beige to dark brown with neutral undertones.

It is possible however that you can be a soft summer if you have dark ash blonde hair so compare your characteristics. The apparent colour of the hair can be somewhat mercurial as I see myself on my Soft Summer son. They are soft subtle and can drastically alter any look simply by highlighting singular floss-thin strands to give a touch of dimension to the look.

Ask your stylist for babylights to complement your hair colourtones to brighten up your look Image. Softer is always better for this season. Like their Soft Autumn siblings the apparent depth of Soft Summers is highly variable.

If you are a soft summer you will have medium to deep ash brown hair with possible ash blonde highlights. It can be hard to avoid faceted stones in prestige pieces but do try. The people who fit the summer colour palette have pink rose and blue skin undertones and gray brown or blonde hair.

Medium to Dark Ashy Brown. Anything too bright especially warm colors. There are a number of hair colour options referred to as Pastel that work within the three dimensions of the Soft Summer palette.

You are almost at the end of your personal colour analysis if the description bellow applies to you you are a Soft Summer. Generally with blue eyes but could also be. The greens all have a touch of blue in the medium range.

May have salt n. Soft seasons Summer or Autumn have little contrast between their hair and skintone. If youre interested i more than happy to offer you a complete color analysis for 12.

In a medium-light to medium-dark range a cool-neutral warmth level and muted. Babylights create the allover lived-in summer look we all lust for.

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